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Comment: Summary - The study of a group of bone objects found in the excavations of Roman Ostia, the harbour city of Rome, is presented. Excavations in the site have yielded for centuries many celebrated works of art but also objects used in everyday life, among these a vast range of bone objects and their manufacturing debris. The sheer number and their grouping in different areas of the city point to the existence of several bone manufacturing workshops. Apart from the classification of the whole group, a larger project is dedicated to the analysis of the working process and wear traces. In this paper we present the results of the analysis of 178 eye needles. All items were macro and micro analysed, often detecting traces of manufacturing and finishing. Particular attention was given to the boring techniques of the eye, often provided with multiple holes. Wearing traces are evident on the distal and proximal ends, and also inside the eye. The shiny surface and the absence of macrostriae show that these tools were employed in soft fabric weaving or sewing processes. As the tip of 79 needles is broken, it has been possible- in a limited number of cases - to tell the accidental fractures from the breakings that occurred during their use.
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