I Via Ostiensis 1 Porta Romana necropolis
II / IIA Road II, to the south of the Via Ostiensis, is called Via dei Sepolcri. It starts at the Porta Secondaria, to the south of the Porta Romana.
Road IIA follows the city wall of the first century BC. It begins at the Porta Secondaria and ends at another secondary gate, reached from the Via del Sabazeo.
2 Foundations of Tiber quays, related to the transport of salt
III A road to the south of the Via dei Sepolcri 3 Tombs
IV Via delle Saline, leading to the salt pans 4 Church of Sant'Aurea
V NW/SE running street on the Pianabella, along the swamp 5 Shops and other structures
VI NW/SE running street 6 Building, not funerary
VII NW/SE running street 7 Necropolis and Basilica of San Ercolano
VIII NW/SE running street 8 Store building
IX NW/SE running street (Via Laurentina) 9 Tombs
X SW/NE running street 10 Burials
XI Short SW/NE running street, leading to the swamp 11 Tombs
XII SW/NE running street 12 Farm (45 x 20 m.)
XIII SW/NE running street 13 Tombs; lead water-pipes leading to coastal villas
XIV The continuation of Via del Sabazeo 14 Villa or farm (80 x 40 m.)
XV Road leading from the secondary gate of Via del Sabazeo to the coast 15 Tombs
XVI Road leading from the Basilica di Pianabella to the coast 16 Tomb
XVII Road leading from the Basilica di Pianabella to a secondary gate 17 Ancient structure
XVIII A short side-street near the Porta Laurentina 18 "La Torretta", a tomb, perhaps of C. Iulius Rufus
XIX A short side-street near the Porta Laurentina 19 Tombs
XX Via Severiana, along the coast 20 Farm (50 x 50 m.)
XXI Short SW/NE running street to the SE of Ostia 21 Tombs
XXII Short SW/NE running street to the SE of Ostia 22 Ancient structure
XXIII Road along the Canale dello Stagno 23 Funerary temple
    24 Porta Laurentina necropolis
A Area San Ercolano 25 Ancient structures
B Area La Torretta 26 Tomba Aldobrandini
C Area Casilini 27 Burials
D Area Monticelli 28 Location of ancient bridge across the Canale dello Stagno, restored in 284 AD, destroyed in 1943.
E Area Procoio 29 Tombs
F Area Castel Fusano 30 Tombs
G Area Sassone 31 Tombs
    32 Funerary monument
    33 Tombs; Sacello
    34 Villa and Baths of Perseus
    35 Necropolis and Basilica of Pianabella
    36 Tombs
    37 Terme di Musiciolus (IV,XV,2)
    38 Synagogue (IV,XVII,1)
    39 Tomb
    40 Coastal villa
    41 Coastal villa
    42 Coastal villa (130 x 80 m.)
    43 Coastal villa (240 x 170 m.)
    44 Cistern, the facade of which is a nymphaeum with niches; testifies to the water supply with lead pipes of the coastal villas
    45 Baths
    46 Coastal villa (60 x 90 m.)
    47 Coastal villa (200 x 220 m.)
    48 Findspot of Severan milestone (now in front of the museum)