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Roman Archaeological Remains in Limenas Chersonisou, Crete - Moles

The harbour was protected by three moles, A, B and C on the plans. They created a basin of 270 x 150 m., with an entrance that was 90 m. wide. The moles were 5.20-5.30 m. wide and c. 1 m. higher than the sea-level. Today moles B and C are for the most part submerged, while mole A is covered by a modern mole. Along the moles were breakwaters, partly still visible next to mole C. On the intersection of moles A and B may have been a lighthouse. In the harbour a flat stone was found with a hole in the middle (0.60 x 0.40 m.), possibly an anchor.

The modern mole A.

The beginning of mole C (left) and breakwaters (right).

The remains of a quay or jetty, parallel to the coast (left; on the plans: D and 4)
and the beginning of mole C (right).

[jthb - 26-Dec-2007]