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Roman Archaeological Remains in Limenas Chersonisou, Crete - Nymphaeum

Behind the quay, near the beginning of mole C, was a nymphaeum (on the plans: G and 2). It has the shape of a pyramid and consists of four sloping sides, separated by tiny "staircases". In antiquity water came from the top and flowed over the treads of the "staircases" and over mosaics that decorated the four sides. One side of the polychrome mosaics has been preserved well. Depicted are the sea with fishes, a goose, a duck, a boat with a man who is rowing and a man catching an octopus, and a fisherman with a blue hat.

General view of the nymphaeum.

General view of the mosaic: to the left is the goose, to the right the duck.

Detail of the mosaic: a man catching an octopus.

Detail of the mosaic: a fisherman with a blue hat.

[jthb - 26-Dec-2007]