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Regio I - Insula XIII - Horrea I,XIII,1

A small store building, late-Trajanic or Hadrianic (opus mixtum). It is located near a fuillonica and a bakery. On either side of a long corridor are five rooms. A further room is at the end of the corridor. The corridor has a floor of opus spicatum, with a travertine slab with a drainage hole, suggesting that there was no roof. The doors of the rooms are 1.40-1.50 wide and have travertine thresholds with pivot-holes. In one room the back wall is sufficiently well preserved to show the lower half of one splayed slit window. Originally a door in the back wall of one of the south rooms led to the building to the south. In the same room, opposite this door, was another door leading to the central corridor. Both were blocked. The masonry of the corridor walls is of excellent quality. Inside the rooms the quality is lower, and here plaster has been preserved.

Plan of the store building

Plan of the store building.
After SO I.


The corridor seen from the east. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

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