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Regio I - Insula XIV - Ninfeo I,XIV,1

This monumental nymphaeum was built at the major intersection of five streets, at the spot where the Decumanus turns towards the south-west (Bivio del Castrum). It is flanked by Via della Foce and Via degli Horrea Epagathiana. The masonry (opus latericium) has been dated to c. 340-370 AD.

In the back wall (c. 25 metres long) are three large wall-niches, high up in the wall. The central one is rectangular, the other two are semicircular. In the walls are holes in which marble revetment was fastened. A basin was set against the back wall. In front is a trapezoidal area, the north part of which seems to have had a roof supported by five brick piers. On the floor are a few remains of opus spicatum.

Nearby a marble statue of a putto on a dolphin was found (inv. nr. 497), very similar to a statue found in the Macellum(IV,V,2), across the street (inv. nr. 498). Water emerged from the beak of the dolphin.

Plan of the nymphaeum.
After SO I.


The nymphaeum seen from the south. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

The statue of a putto on a dolphin found nearby.
Scrinari - Ricciardi 1996, II, fig. 344.

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