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Regio I - Insula XVI - Caseggiato I,XVI,1

This is an early-Hadrianic building, taken up largely by two rows of shops, back to back. Two of these, on the west side, were bars.

The first bar is in the room to the north of the staircase in the south-west part. It measures 9.40 x 4.30. In the north-west corner are the remains of the bar-counter, which contained a water-basin lined with marble slabs. Fragments of a mortar were found in the room.

The second bar is found three shops to the north. It measures 9.50 x 4.25. The bar-counter is in the north-west corner. In the lower part is a basin, in the upper part are three stepped shelves. Near the south wall is a buried storage jar (dolium defossum) for wine or olive oil.

Plan of the building.
After SO I.


The scant remains of the bar-counter in the southern bar.
Photograph: Eric Taylor.

[jthb - 22-May-2004]