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Regio II - Insula II - Horrea Antoniniani (II,II,7)

This is a huge store-building for grain. It has been dated to the reign of Commodus. Only the south-east part has been excavated completely, but after the excavation it was covered with earth again. Around a courtyard runs a portico. The main entrance was in the north part, from the Tiber quays. Strong buttresses reinforced the south wall. To the east is a row of rooms, back-to-back (a lay-out that is often found in Portus). The floors of these rooms are raised. One of the rooms contains a mediaeval lime-kiln.

The building is in many respects similar to the Commodan phase of the Grandi Horrea (II,IX,7). There can be little doubt that it was owned by the Emperor.

Plan of the Horrea

Plan of the Horrea. After SO I.

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