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Regio II - Via della Fontana

The Road of the Fountain runs from the Decumanus towards the Tiber. To the west is block VI, with medianum-apartments and a bakery. To the east are block IV (Baths of Neptune) and block V (Barracks of the Fire-Brigade).

Set against the north-west corner of the baths is a public basin. Water could be drawn with buckets through a square hole in the south side. A travertine block that forms the bottom of the hole shows traces of wear by ropes. Water also emerged from two overflow holes in the west (long) side. One of these holes was decorated with a bronze dolphin that was found nearby. The water could be collected in buckets that were placed in round depressions in a travertine gutter.

Behind and above the basin is a small distribution basin that supplied the basin, a toilet in the baths, and the barracks.


Via della Fontana seen from the south. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

The public basin seen from the south-west. Note the travertine gutter
to the left, with round depressions for buckets.
Photograph: Laura Maish-Bill Storage.

A bronze dolphin that once decorated one of the overflow
holes in the side of the basin. NSc 1897, p. 523.

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