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Regio III - Insula XVI - Caseggiato III,XVI,2

This building was erected in the Hadrianic period. It has a facade of opus mixtum, which is quite unusual - normally when opus mixtum is used it is found inside the building, whereas the facade is made of bricks only. On the ground floor are two apartments, flanking an external staircase. Thin and possibly later dividing walls create rooms. The function of the rooms is suggested by remains of mosaics, and of red and yellow paintings with miniatures (Antonine).

Plan of the building.
After SO I.


A blocked doorway in the west wall. Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

Remains of paintings on the east wall.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

The remains of paintings on an old photograph.
SAOA neg. nr. B1199.

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