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Regio V - Insula X - Domus su via degli Augustali (V,X,1)

The tiny House on Via degli Augustali was built in two shops from the second century AD. Walls in vittatum were added to the orginal mixtum walls in the late third century.

A door with a marble threshold leads to corridor A / F. The main room was C, with a marble threshold and two columns in the entrance. The lower part of the walls of this room was decorated with marble, the upper part with paintings. The floor is covered with opus sectile. In the east wall is a rectangular niche. Marble is found in other rooms: the floor of understairs D, a threshold in the entrance to room E, and a threshold between rooms E and F. There is an independent staircase in the north-west corner.

Plan of the house

Plan of the house.
From Becatti 1949, fig. 28.


Room C seen from the southwest.
Photograph: Jan Theo Bakker.

Room C seen from the west.
Photograph: Eric Taylor.

Detail of the floor of room C.
Photograph: Bill Storage.

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