Tomb B has also a door towards the street. Here,
the travertine door jambs and architrave are still in place. Above the entrance, surrounded by a beautiful cornice,
a marble slab of 125 x 60 cm has been found, with
the following inscription:

                        S C A N T I A   .   C   .   F   .    S I L V I N A
                                         F E C I T . S I B I . E T
                        L  .  SCANTIO  .  L  .  FIL  .   EPARCHICO
                        FILIO.SVO.ET.SVLPICIAE.M F.IVLITTAE
                        NEPOTI  .  SVAE   .  ET  .  LIBERTIS  SVIS
                        L I B E R T A B V S Q V E POSTER I SQVE
                        E  O  R  V  M  .  H  .  M  .  H  .  E  .  N  .  S .
                        IN  FRONTE  PED XII   IN AGRO PED XIII

This tomb was built by Scantia Silvina, daughter of Caius. It was meant for herself and for
L. Scantius Eparchicus, son of Lucius, his son and for Sulpicia Iulitta, daughter of Marcus,
his niece and for her freedmen and women with their descendants. The tomb could not be
inherited by strangers. The measurements were twelve feet in length and thirteen in breadth.

The owners of tomb B were related to the owners of tomb 55. Tomb 55 was built by a certain Scantia Salvina, the sister of Scantia Silvina and the mother of Sulpicia Iulitta.