Tomb C
is a large tomb with its façade alongside the passage, but at a different angle than tomb A and B. The façade has been preserved till the upper cornice of the wall. Below that cornice was a serie of letters, made of tuff, embedded in the bricks of the wall. The only one found in place was the letter D, probably part of the letters:
                                                      H M D M A
                   Let this monument be free from intentional desecration.

As far as we know this is the only case the expression has been used in this way.

click to enlarge  The entrance of tomb C is placed on the left side of
the façade.   The jambs and architrave are still in place. Above the entrance   on a marble slab of 72 x 61 cms an inscription has been found.
  During the second world war the lower right side of the slab   was damaged.