Tomb I leans for a large part against tomb H and has its façade towards the mainstreet.
The façade has been built up with inaccurate large brickwork and pieces of opus reticolatum.
The door has, like al the other tombs, jambs and an architrave of travertine. Next to the door is
a square hole in the wall. The hole is divided by a small brick column which chances it into two small windows.
On the left side above the door we find a brick relief of a hammer. Left of the relief, framed in a triple cornice, was the following marble inscription, measuring 57 x 50 cms:

                                                           D                  M
                                      P    A E L I V S       M A X I M V S
                                               FECIT  .  SIBI  .  ET  .  VEIANIA
                                      IOTAPE . E T . L I B E R T I S . L I B E RTA
                                      BVSQ  .  POSTERISQ  .  EORVM  .  I T E M
                                      L  .  GENVCIO   .  AEPAPHRODITO   .   ET
                                      MARIAE  .  DEVTERE   .   ET   POSTERISQ
                                      EORVM. CVBICVLVM . HYPOGEVM . EIS
                                      DONATVM . CONCESSOQ . ITV . AMBITV
                                      TRASITVM  .  PER . PORTICVM . AEIS .  A
                                                      P  .  AELIO  .  MAXIMO