TOMB 5 and 6

Tomb 5 is a small grave with its facade in one line with the graves 2, 3 and
the original size of grave 4.
The tomb, only reachable via tomb 6, was meant for inhumation only.
Tomb 6 is irregularly shaped and located close
to the Via Severiana.
During investigations no traces of formae
have been found below the floor as in
other tombs of the same period.
Whatever the original goal was and why
tomb 6 got that strange shape is still unknown.
There have been found however several older
tombs below the ground.
Under the facade of tomb 5 archaeologists have
discovered a tomb alla cappuccina from the middle of
the second century AD
Another one (6b) has been found against the left wall, and
in the north-west corner a tomb a cassone (6a), older
than tomb 7 and 5, has been located.

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