TOMB 10Tek

click to enlarge photograph Tomb 10 lies a little bit away from the Via Severiana and is wedged in between tomb 11 and (partly) tomb 9. The facade of this grave and that of the burial chamber of tomb 11
lie in one line and are oriented towards the street.
In contrast with tomb 11 there was no enclosure in this tomb.
The inscription above the entrance has disappeared.
Only a part of the original cornice is left as well as the places where two reliefs were attached on the wall.
These two reliefs too have not been found.

click to enlarge photographIn the lower part of the walls of the burial chamber
we see a double row of arcosolia with on top of them
a row of semicircular niches.
We can estimate the date only in comparison with
other tombs in this necropolis.
The grave itself does not give a clue.
The most likely dating is about 170 AD.