TOMB 17Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 17, from the time of Antoninus Pius, consists of a burial chamber on three sides detached and an entrance opening on the Via Severiana. The southern wall is bounded by the enclosure of tomb 16.
The tomb is preserved to a height of less than one metre. On the other hand a piece of the floor has maintained.
The tomb was only meant for inhumation and had on each wall, with the exception of the entrance-wall, a double row of arcosolia. There should have still been decorations in the niches during their excavation. Nowadays they can't be seen anymore.

click to enlarge photographIn the north-east corner, to the right of
the entrance, are four steps
of a staircase which led to an
upper floor (probably a solarium).
Beneath the floor four formae were
brought to light. Three diagonally on
the entrance-wall and an other one across of these.
The burial chamber measures 4,90 x 3,80 m.