TOMB 19Tek
When tomb 19 was erected in approximately 145 AD, it was free-standing and looked out over the Via Severiana. Shortly after that the smaller tombs 20 and 21 were built alongside.
After the construction of tomb 22, 23 and 24 later on, the main road was no longer
visible from tomb 19. The grave itself has been built with small bricks;
red on the front-side and yellow in the back and side-walls.
From the inscription, which was once accompanied by two
terra-cotta reliefs, only the cornice has been saved.
The burial chamber (4,29 x 4,12) was particularly well decorated.
On each wall there is a central niche flanked by columns and two
rows of smaller niches. The entrance wall was also used
and equipped with niches.
Beneath the floor, which is not preserved, 6 formae have been located.

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