TOMB 24Tek

Tomb 24 is located on the left side of the block formed by tomb 22 - 24.
Between the right wall of tomb 24 and the left wall of tomb 25 there is a passageway
to the tombs behind.
The burial chamber was arranged for inhumation.
The arcosolia are still containing traces of decoration.
The paintings from the lower niche in the back-wall, hunting scenes,
are stored in the museum of Ostia (inv. nr. 10112a en b).
We see how the hunter with his dogs is driving the wild to a hunting net.
Another dog, with stretched neck, is running after a rushed deer.
Between his legs we see a third dog with a hare in his mouth.
Here too we can speak of a Dionysian scene (see also tomb 26 and 34).
The upper part of tomb 24 is missing and formae have been found
beneath the floor.
The tomb dates from 200-210 AD.
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