TOMB 25Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 25 is the first grave in a block of 4 tombs which all have there entrances pointed, under a slight angle, towards the Via Severiana. The left side of the façade has a corner column, the right side shares the same kind of column with tomb 26.
The burial chamber, arranged for inhumation only, had
a double row of arcosolia in the walls and burial places beneath the floor. The upper part of the walls has disappeared and so has the roof.
The paintings of the niches can be seen fragmentary.
The one from the niche in the back-wall is nowadays stored
in the museum of Ostia ( 10118a,b en c). The painting shows
two peacocks on both sides of a glass cup with handles filled with
flowers and fruit. The same kind of scene we can see in tomb 34 and 16.
The grave dates from the first decade of the third century AD.
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