TOMB 30Tek

Tomb 30 is bounded in the south on the wall of the original burial chamber of tomb 29 and has probably been built in the same period (about 160 AD). The entrance overlooked the Via click to enlarge photographSeveriana until the construction of tomb 32 in later time.
In front of the entrance two klinai have been built. The left one against the wall of the enclosure of tomb 29. On the floor between these benches was a polychrome mosaic (now vertically attached to the wall next to tomb 31).
Above the entrance, flanked by two slit-windows, the cornice
of a disappeared inscription is still visible.
Next to the inscription two travertine amphorae were depicted. The left one is still in situ. Next to the place where the right amphora was attached we see a relief of a man in a short tunic as an aquatarius, a water-carrier. In his left hand he is carrying an amphora. Together with the other amphorae we can perhaps tell something about the profession of the tomb-owner.
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