TOMB 34 (continuation)Tek

Especially its reuse makes this tomb so interesting.
During a period of revival the new room to the left of the colonnade has been cleared of
all the formae to make room for a new grave (tomb 34a), accessible by a staircase with
seven steps, from which only three survived.
The floor of this subterranean space was covered by marble slabs.
Beneath the floor three sarcophagi were buried. Only the covers
were visible. One was located on the west side, another on the south
side and again another below the staircase.
The first one was oval-shaped and carried two bodies.
On the sarcophagus a hunting-scene was depicted with deer and lions.
On the short sides we see elephants catching two leopards.
The second one is rectangular with in the middle a portrait of a philosopher
and a muse. The rest of the surface consits of wavy lines with muses in the corners.
The third sarcophagus shows a medallion with the bust of a man on a surface with wavy lines. The three sarcophagi are nowadays in the museum of Ostia.
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