TOMB 38Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 38 borders partly on tomb 39, but was built in a later period. The grave consists of a large enclosure with a burial chamber. The burial chamber as well as the enclosure have their entrance to the north, thus diagonally to the Via Severiana. The enclosure is almost totally occupied by formae, as is the free space between tomb 72 and 39 (see map). All the burial places were covered by a mosaic floor.
The northern wall of the enclosure uses partly tomb 39 and
the south-west corner of the facade of tomb 72.
The remains of a staircase at the entrance of the enclosure
point to the existence of an upper floor.
Tomb 38 covers the location of older tombs a cassone and
alla cappucina from the earliest period of the necropolis. On those
places, out of respect to the old graves, no new formae have been built.
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