TOMB 41Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 41 is located in front of the older tomb 42 and seems to occupy the enclosure of that grave.
Tomb 41 lies along the same line as tomb 40 and is looking out over the Via Severiana.
The grave was built for inhumation. Only both the side walls had a double row of arcosolia. In one of the arcosolia on the left wall a fragment of a terracotta sarcophagus is still to be seen.
Beneath the floor are three formae, each for two bodies. Many pieces of the mosaic floor have been found in these formae. The floor itself does not exist anymore.
From the lower niche on the right side a painting has survived.
The painting consists of two levels. On the lower level we see fruit
and flowers on a green background surrounded by trees.
click to enlarge photographThe second level shows a bird on the wing
against a white background.
Because of the bad state of this tomb it is
hardly possible to give a reliable date.
The mentioned painting dates anyhow from
the first part of the third century AD.