TOMB 42Tek

Tomb 42 is a tomb with two floors.
The grave borders to the south upon tomb 39 but has been built in a later period.
Originally tomb 42 was detached with a view on the
Via Severiana. After the erection of tomb 41 in front of it the view was lost.
The street level of today is higher than the level of the floor of tomb 42
and the lower burial chamber can only be reached by three steps down.
There are several clues that tomb 42 has been built in two phases.
The facade of the lower burial chamber was strengthened with two walls
in later time to carry the upper floor.
The letters D and M, part of the inscription above the entrance, are cut
out in slabs of travertine on both sides of that inscription. Only the M
is still visible.
The letter D disappeared behind the stairs to the upper floor.

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