TOMB 46 Tek

Tomb 46 is constructed out of small square blocks of tuff (opus reticulatum)
and red bricks. Like tomb 45, the entrance of this tomb too lies to the north.
click to enlarge photographAbove the entrance there is still a little piece of the cornice of the (not preserved) marble plate with inscription.
The walls of the burial chamber have been preserved up to the now disappeared ceiling. The burial chamber was originally organized for cremation only. All the walls have large central niches surrounded by smaller ones.
Alongside the walls, however, we find clues pointing to
a reorganization of the grave in later time. The large central niche of the back-wall was covered later on by two brick arches with a bearer for a sarcophagus.
In the back-wall are small windows.
Several still existing fragments are showing that the tomb once
must have been decorated very nicely.
Below the no longer present mosaic floor, twelve formae for three bodies each were hidden.
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Several clues show that tomb 46 has been built in
the beginning of the second century AD, thus earlier than
the surrounding tombs, and therefore must have been
detached for a long time.
The reuse should not have taken place later than
the beginning of the third century.