TOMB 47Tek

Tomb 47 is one of the most interesting tombs in this necropolis. On the front side the grave
was equipped with a fountain and therefore can be called a burial monument. Besides that,
the kind of materials used for the building shows that tomb 47 was one of
the latest tombs built on Isola Sacra.
The grave consisted of two floors, two burial chambers, a solarium in front
of the upper burial chamber and a space which was hardly accessible.
Because the last mentioned room was covered inside with a waterproof
material, one might think of a cistern (water reservoir), connected with
the fountain outside.
That fountain had a central well
flanked by two niches and marble
stairs from which water was running
down. Finally the water was collected
in a basin in front of the stairs.

1. Stairs to the upper floor
2. Solarium
3. Upper burial chamber
4. Well
5. Basin
6. Marble stairs for flowing water

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