TOMB 49Tek

Of tomb 49 only the facade is visible. The small grave lies hidden northwest of tomb 47. It was partly covered by newer graves which are also not visible anymore. This tomb has been numbered probably because of the existence of a marble slab with the following
inscription in small characters:

                                           DIIS        .         MANIBVS
                               TI . CLAVDIVS . AVG . LIB . EVMENES
                               SIBI . ET . CLAVDIAE . PHOEBE . ET .
                               FADIAE . TETHIDI . F . ET . CLAVDIO .
                               PHOEBO F . ET . IVLIAE . HEVRESI .
                               CONIVGI . POSTERISQVE . EIVS

Tiberius Claudius Eumenes, freedman of the emperor, has erected this (monument)
for himself and for Claudia Phoebe and Fadia Tethis, his daughters,
and Claudius Phoebus, his son, and Iulia Heuresis, his wife, and their children.

click to enlarge photographBeneath the floor of this tomb six urns
have been found with pieces of bones.
Tomb 49 dates from the time of Trajan.