TOMB 50Tek

Tomb 50 lies in the space between tomb 41, 42 an 43. It was partly covered by tomb 41bis
which is not visible anymore. Also tomb 50 can't be seen today.
Tomb 50 wasn't turned towards the Via Severiana, but towards
the open space behind, the so called " field for the poor".
It probably belonged to that field.
The grave had the following inscription on a marble slab of 30 x 36 cm:

                                                   D     M
                                   TI . CLAVDI . TI . F . PRIMI
                                   GENI . FECIT . TI . CL . QVI
                                   NTILIANVS . FILIVS . ET
                                   A . RVTILIVS . PVDENS
                                   FILIASTER . ET . LIBERTI
                                   EX . PORTIONIBVS
                                   SVIS . FECERVNT

click to enlarge photographThe text says:
To the divine Manes of Tiberius Claudius Primigenius,
son of Tiberius.
Tiberius Claudius Quintilianus, his son, Aulus Rutilius Pudens, his stepson and his freedmen have made this (monument)
from their part of the heritage.
Tomb 50 dates from the time of Hadrian.