TOMB 52Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 52 is, just like 51bis, a semicircular tomb a cassone
and lies on one line with tomb 53.
The grave is placed diagonally on tomb 51bis and
runs almost parallel with the back-wall
of tomb 46.
Because the small side of this grave
is turned towards the Via Severiana
we find the inscription on that side.
The inscription, placed on a marble
slab of 25 x 29 cm, says:

                                                       M . IVLIO MERCV
                                                       RIO . IVLIA SALO
                                                       CONIVGI . PIEN .

According to the text, the grave was erected by Iulia Salo for Marcus Iulius Mercurius,
her very devout husband.
Tomb 52 dates from the time of Hadrian.