TOMB 55Tek

Tomb 55 is the most northern grave of the row formed by tomb 55 - 81.
Tomb 55 borders on the so-called " field of the poor" and dates back to the second
period of use of the necropolis (Antoninus Pius).
The entrance of the grave was flanked by a biclinium.
In front of this biclinium is a square pedestal on which
probably once a table top was attached.
Tomb 55 has a beautiful facade with a tympanum.
Above the entrance, flanked by two small windows, is
a marble slab with the following inscription:

                                      D                 M
                             SCANTIA SALVINA
                             SCANTIAE . SABINAE . FILIAE
                             PIENTISSIMAE . ET . M . SVLPI
                             CIVS FORTVNATVS FECERclick to enlarge photograph
                             SIBI ET LIBERTIS ET LIBERTIS
                             LIBERTAB POSTERISQ EORVM
                                     H    M    H    N    S

According to this text, the grave was built by Scantia Salvina and Marcus Sulpicius Fortunatus for their pious daughter, Scantia Sabina, for themselves, their children and for their freedmen with their family. The monument could not be inherited by strangers of the family.
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