TOMB 59Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 59 is a semicircular tomb a cassone (1,50 x 0,60 m) with an aedicula probably to imitate the facade of a tomb with a burial chamber.
The little grave is located near the back-wall of tomb 58 and is, contrary to the latter, oriented on the Via Severiana.
The following inscription, described by Calza as well as by Thylander, can't be seen on the grave anymore:

                                    D          M
                               SILIAE . FRONTIDI .
                               QVAE . VIX . AN . VIII .
                               MEN . X . DIEB . VII .
                               C . SILIVS . MERCVRIVS
                               ET . SILIA . FORTVNATA
                               FILIAE . PIENTISSI
                               MAE . FECERVNT

The inscription should tell us that the grave was built by Caius Silius Mercurius
and Silia Fortunata for their very pious daughter Silia Frontis, who passed away in the age
of eight years, ten months and seven days.