TOMB 60Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 60 is one of the most western tombs of this necropolis. The grave has remained to a height of one metre and has its entrance on the east side, thus towards the Via Severiana. From the entrance we have a view on the "field of the poor".
The burial chamber, originally used for cremation burials only, measures 4,57 x 3,50 metres. Under the small niches one can still see the marble tablets for the names of the deceased.
These names were probably written with paint and didn't survive.
During a second period of use a wall of rough stones has been
placed alongside the back-wall.
It is not clear whether there are burial places below the now disappeared floor.
In this tomb a small marble altar has been found with the following insription:

                  DIS .
                  MANI .
                 . BVS . T .

   To the divine Manes of Titus Flavius Nearchus.

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