TOMB 63Tek

Tomb 63 was originally built in opus reticulatum (small stones of tufa in check pattern).
Tomb 63 is turned towards the Via Severiana and has an inscription above the entrance.
The slab with the inscription is placed in a small part of the facade built in brick.
This brick part dates from a second time of use.

                                        DIS . MANIBVS
                            ALFIAE . M . F . PROCILLAE
                            ET . CLAVDIAE . HYGIAE
                            CONIVGIB . KARISSIM . FECIT
                            P . SEXTILIVS . PANNYCHIANVS
                            ET . SIBI . POSTERISQVE . SVORVM

Publius Sextilius Pannychianus has built this tomb for Alfia Procilla,
daughter of Marcus, and for Claudia Hygia, his beloved wife, for himself
and for his heirs.
Tomb 63 dates back to the time of Trajan (about 125 AD).
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