TOMB64 (continuation)Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 64 was used for interring urns.
Neither beneath the floor nor alongside the walls traces were found for inhumation burials.
In tomb 64 a marble urn has been found with the name of the donor as well as the name of the person to whom the grave was dedicated in the first place. Probably we have to deal with the ashes of both wife and husband:

                 D M . P . BETILIENI
                 SYNEGDEMI . ET .
                 BETILIENAE . ANTIOCHIDI
                 M . COSCONI HYGINI

The donor was Marcus Cosconius Hyginus. The ashes were
of Publius Betilienus Synegdemus and Betiliena Antiochis.
Several stamped bricks were found in this grave
including this one:

SAL(arese) EX PR(aediis) COR(neli) SEVE(ri)

This brick has been made in the time Cornelius Severus
was consul (112 till 123 AD). Therefore tomb 64 has to be
dated back to the time of Trajan or Hadrian.