TOMB 68Tek

Tomb 68, also a tomb a cassone, lies to the northwest of tomb 85. The small grave, not visible today, has a triangle frontplate of 25 x 32 centimetres with the following inscription:

                                           D   .   M
                              L . AEMILIVS . DONATVS
                              ET . AEMIA . MARIA .
                              L . AEMILIO . DONATO
                              PATRI . PIENTISSIMO
                              FECERVNT .

According to this inscription from the time of Hadrian, the tomb was built
by Lucius Aemilius Donatus and Aemi[li]a Maria
for their very pious father, Lucius Aemilius Donatus.

The first tomb on the right side is tomb 85 seen from the north.