TOMB 69Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 69 is one of the tombs that are furthest away from the Via Severiana. The grave lies behind tomb 87.
Before the building of the latter there used to be a passageway to the main street.
In spite of her small measurements there were clinae in front of the entrance. The entrance was turned towards the street. Between the benches there is a small, rectangular base, probably used as support for a table. Also alongside the side-walls were benches of brick. Like the walls of the burial chamber, the whole was painted red.
The burial chamber was equipped for cremation burials.
The roof and floor are missing, as is the inscription.
No investigations beneath the floor, which was presumably made of marble plates,
have been done. Therefore we do not know whether formae were created or
not in the event of reuse.
click to enlarge photograph On the left side of the clinae a tomb a cassone was
built later on.
Tomb 69 dates back at the time of Trajan.