TOMB 70Tek

Tomb 70 is a tomb a cassone. The grave lies behind tomb 88.
The little grave has a marble plate of 24 x 32 centimetres with the following inscription:

                                        D    .   M        SAC .
                                     SVALLIAE . RHEMBA
                                     DI . INNOCENTI
                                     VIXIT . A . II . M . V . D . XXIII
                                     HOR . IIX . L . SVALLIVS
                                     LUPIO PARENS

The grave was meant for Suallia Rhembas, the innocent, who died
at the age of two years, five months, thirty-three days and eight hours.
The grave was built by her father, Lucius Suallius Lupio.
Tomb 70, covered with earth again, dates from the time of Trajan/Hadrian.
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