TOMB 71 Tek

click for a close-upTomb 71 is better to define as a rectangular object with a base of 65 x 65 centimetres. This aedicula-type grave has a timpanum with inscription written on a marble slab of 27 x 28 centimetres:

                             D . M
           L . SVALLIVS . EVPOR
                KARISSIMAE . BE
            NE . MERENTI . FECIT

Lucius Suallius Eupor has made this (grave) for
Aphrodisia, who has been made free together with
him, who was very dear to him and deserves it.
Tomb 71 has to be dated at the time of Trajan/Hadrian.

                                                                    In front of tomb 71, the covered tomb 70.