TOMB 73 Tek

Tomb 73 is an almost square tomb a cassone (1.05 x 0.95 metres). The entrance is oriented
to the west, thus versus the Via Severiana. In front of the tomb is the base for a table.
Tomb 73 has an inscription written on a marble slab of 30 x 39 cm.:

                                             D        .        M
                                       L . MINDIO . DIOCAE .
                                       IVLIA . ZOE . CONIVGI
                                       B . M . F . C . ET SIBI .
                                       ET SVIS . POSTERIS
                                       Q . EORVM

click to enlarge photographAccording to this inscription the grave was
built by Iulia Zoe for Lucius Mindius Diocas,
her devoted husband, for herself, her family
and their heirs.
The inscription is located on the back-side.

Tomb 73 dates back to the time of Antoninus Pius.