TOMB 80 Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 80 dates, just like tomb 55, from a later period than the other graves in this row and has been built upon an older tomb a cassone.
In front of the tomb there was a large biclinium and a square brick base for a table.
There is no inscription above the entrance.
The facade has a cornice with 19 terracotta consoles each on a distance of 17 cms from each other.
Tomb 80 has been built in a period in which inhumation was already very common. Inside the burial chamber we therefore find only arcosolia.
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The floor of the burial chamber
was probably covered by
a polychrome mosaic, divided in panels on which the heads of the nine muses were depicted.
A part of this mosaic is nowadays attached on the side-wall of the nearby tomb 34.

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