TOMB 81 Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 81 is a small tomb originally completely detached. This grave too had a biclinium with a table of which the base still exists. On the left bench of the biclinium a tomb
a cassone has been built in later time.
Above the entrance is a marble slab of 37 x 36 cms.
On this slab two inscriptions were made next to each other:

     DIIS . M                                    DIIS . M .
     CLAVDIA .                               EX CONCESSIONE
     NICE . SIBI                               CLAVDI . LVPERCI
     ET . CLAVDIO                          PVRVM
     LVPERCO                                 C . NVNNIDIVS .
     FILIO . FECIT                           FORTVNATVS .
                                                       SIBI . LIBERIS
                                                       LIBERTIS .

The left inscription tells us that Claudia Nice has made the <monument> for herself and for her son, Claudius Lupercus.
The right one mentions that, with permission of Claudius Lupercus, Caius Nunnidius Fortunatus has used a part of the grave for himself, his children, their freedmen with their children.

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