TOMB 83 Tek

Like the previous tomb, also tomb 83 runs parallel with the Via Severiana.
The semicircular tomb a cassone has a large, square niche facing north. An inscription
on a marble slab of 26 x 43 cm attached to the long side says:

                       D                         M
                 SALLVSTIAE . ROMANAE
                 L . SALLVSTIVS . IANVARIVS
                 FECIT . SORORI . PIENTISSIMAE
                 QVAE . VIXIT . ANNIS . XXI

Lucius Sallustius Ianuarius has made <this monument> for his
very pious sister Sallustia Romana, who passed away in the age of 21.
The precise date of this tomb has been given by a brickstamp from
the last years of the emperor Hadrian, 135-138 AD.
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