TOMB 85 Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 85 is the first of a group of tombs
separated from the others by a small open area. The group consists of seven tombs, some with a biclinium, others with an enclosure.
Tomb 85 is one of the eldest and has an enclosure (built in later time).
Above the entrance of the burial chamber is
a triangular tympanum supported by two columns. The inscription has disappeared.
The burial chamber itself is organized as
a columbarium with aediculae flanked by series
of small, semicircular niches. Below these niches are small blank marble plates meant for the name of the deceased.
In the niches and next to the windows are still traces
of green and red decorations.
Very soon after the building of the burial chamber burial places were dug
under the mosaic floor. The terra-cotta sarcophagi and the tombs alla cappuccina
placed down there did not leave much of the floor.
The burial chamber dates back to 120-130 AD.

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