TOMB 88 Tek

click to enlarge photographThe enclosure and the burial chamber of tomb 88
were built at the same time. Originally tomb 88 was
detached and facing the seaside.
The open space at the southern side was shared with
tomb 90. A bench was running alongside the entire façade. Further, there were an oven and a well (probably for common use with tomb 90).
The entrance too came out on this open field on which
several small tombs had been built in earlier time.
Above the entrance of the enclosure one can only see
the place were once an inscription was attached.
However, there is still an inscription above the entrance of
the burial chamber (the western wall). On a marble slab of 36 x 37 cms
we can read the following message:

                  IVLIAE . C . F . QVINTAE ET
                  M . ANTONIO . HERMETI .
                  FILI . PARENTIBVS .

The children <have erected this monument > for Iulia Quinta, daughter of Caius,
and Marcus Antonius Hermes, their very pious parents.

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