TOMB 90 Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 90, like tomb 88 originally detached, was during the construction of the burial chamber immediately supplied with an enclosure.
The entrance of the enclosure was on the north side.
The façade was facing the Via Severiana. In front of
the façade was a large u-shaped bench similar to
the benches of a triclinium.
The façade has an aedicula in the middle with two
columns bearing a semicircular tympanum. Between
those columns we can see the place where once
an inscription was attached.
However, the inscription above the entrance of the burial chamber is still in place.
A marble slab of 32 x 50 cms contains the following text:

                   D    .    M .
                   P . GABINI . ANNIANI
                   P . GABINIVS . LONGINVS
                   ET . ANNIA . EPICTESIS
                   FECERVNT . FILIO . PI . ISSIMO
                   VIXIT . ANNIS . XVI

Publius Gabinius Longinus and Annia Epictesis have built <this monument> for Publius
Gabinius Annianus, their beloved son who lived sixteen years.
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