TOMB 91 Tek

East of tomb 90, between the benches of the biclinium belonging to that tomb, lies
the semicircular tomb a cassone, known as tomb 91.
The grave runs parallel with the Via Severiana and has the following inscription
on the short, northern side (direction Portus):

                                          D      M
                            CLAVDIAE . SOTERIDI
                              AMPLIATVS . AVGVS
                           TORVM CONIVGI . SVAE
                         VIX . ANN . XVIIII . B . M . F

Ampliatus, slave of the emperors, has made <this monument> for
Claudia Soteris, his very beloved wife. She lived 19 years.
Tomb 91 dates back to the second half of the second century AD.

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