TOMB 94 Tek

click to enlarge photographTomb 94 has a burial chamber and an enclosure.
The enclosure dates from a later period than the burial chamber and was also built later than the construction of the neighbouring tombs 93 and 95 from which it uses part of the walls.
The inscription above the entrance of the burial chamber is lost. We see, however, still a triangular tympanum flanked by two small windows.
The burial chamber itself uses also the side-walls of tombs 93 and 95. The walls of the burial chamber have a central
aedicula with a tympanum in top surrounded by small niches.
Each wall has also two arcosolia In the lower part.
The tomb was therefore used for a mixed form of burying.
Below the small niches are blank, marble name-plates.
The tomb is used only partly.  (click to continue tomb 94)
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