TOMB 96 Tek

click to enlarge photographIn front of tomb 97 lies a semicircular tomb a cassone, called tomb 96. The small grave lies transverse to the street and has an inscription on a marble slab of 32 x 26 cms on the short side, facing the street:

              D                M
              ZOSIMES QVAE VIX
              ANNIS VIII MENS
              VII DIEB XVI AELI
              A HEROIS ET MA
              TERNVS AUG LIB
              TABELL ALVMNAE
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Aelia Herois and Maternus, freedman of the emperor and
his notary, have made <this plaque> for their beloved pupil, Zosime, who lived eight years, seven months and sixteen days.
Tomb 96 dates back to 150-200 AD.