TOMB 98 Tek

click to enlarge photographBehind tomb 97, on the side of the ancient coastline, two small tombs have been found during the first excavation campaign. The graves are called tomb 98 and tomb 98 bis.
Tomb 98 was a tomb a cassone measuring 2,40 x 0,85 metres.
The tomb had the following inscription on a marble slab
of 28 x 35 cms:

     D . M
     M . M . M . ANTONII

The honourable sons, Marcus Antonius Vitalis, Marcus Antonius Capito and Marcus Antonius Ianuarius have built <this grave> for their very good mother Antonia Tyche.

Tomb 98 dates from the time of Trajan-Hadrian and is older than tomb 95 on which we can read that one of the mentioned sons, Marcus Antonius Vitalis, probably in better circumstances,
has built himself a bigger tomb.
Tomb 98 can't be seen today.

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